BBC Rolling Out New Digital Friendly Font

The digital friendly font is easier to read and will save the broadcaster money

Earlier this week to coincide with the start of the new football season the BBC launched a new digital friendly font on the BBC Sports website. This new font is eventually expected to be seen right across the BBC.

This is the first update to the BBC Sport brand guidelines in 7 years, during which time the way users consume content has drastically changed. The new font is intended to help the BBC engage with it’s online readers.

The new font, called BBC Reith, takes its name from the BBC’s founder Lord Reith and is a font that has been developed by the in house design team at BBC. The switch is expected to save them money in the long run as they won’t be required to pay the license fees for the current commerical fonts that are being used.

BBC Reith Digital Friendly Font

“The existing fonts that the BBC uses (Gill Sans, Arial, and Neue Helvetica) were developed last century and work well in print – but they’re not always clear enough when they appear in small, digital, spaces, and we’re all reading and watching far more on screens and mobiles these days,” says Colin Burns, chief design officer at the BBC.

“So the new font – which we’ll gradually roll out, starting with sport today – will be easier to read and clearer, especially on small devices,” he adds.

Whilst the new font will eventually be used right across the BBC, they have no plans to change the distinctive block logo which is so well known.