Is Google Planning a Homepage Redesign?

Virtually everyone that has been on the internet has at some point in their life used Google to search the web. The website is iconic.

Google Homepage

Google recently unveiled a new feed experience that will transform the look of its mobile app with the addition of cards, videos and news stories.

This new feed design wouldn’t just show cards from recent search history, it would also make use of other apps like Youtube, Calendar, Maps and also show other useful information based on your location.

The announcement sparked rumours that the famously clean and simple Google search page was going to get the same redesign.


Would this be a good thing for Google?

The redesign would be the first major update Google has made to the iconic search page in many years.

We personally think that the search page works perfectly as it is, afterall, when you visit Google you are simply intending to search for something or if you are a G Suite user you might go to the page to access the apps like Gmail in the top right.

With that being said, Google know what they are doing and no doubt anything they came up with would look visually pleasing and work really well.

Don’t panic though, for the time being they have confirmed they won’t be making any changes to the desktop search page, however they have stated that this may change at a future date as it would make sense to align their desktop and mobile homepages/ search engines.

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